Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Buy Truckload Surplus Electronic Pallets. Liquidation

Surplus electronics from . Now it is time to make some money.I am buying A Wholesale liquidation truckload from best buy department store .Just ordered this truckload. It consists of 32 pallets of surplus electronics. Half are overstock pallets. The other pallets of electronics from best buy are returns. Returns of electronics from best buy are usually good investment. Double your money easy on theses pallets of surplus electronics
Truckload should be here by Monday full of pallets of overstock electronics from Best Buy. I will make a lot of money on this truckload electronics best buy pallets overstocks returns truckload surplus electronics pallets.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Overstocks Truckload of Liquidation Best Buy Consumer Electronics 10 Pallets of Profit

I purchased a truckload of overstock consumer electronics. This truckload of electronics was from Best Buy's liquidation inventory. The liquidation electronics was a mixture of overstocks and consumer returns. The overstock merchandise was in new condition. The customer returns had some problems. Some items were missing pieces. Other items were not working. Overall about seventy percent of the returns were able to be salvaged. The overstocks were last years models.
I paid eight thousand five hundred dollars for the ten pallets of liquidation electronics. I have six customers that were interested in the pallets of liquidation electronics. Some of them have discount stores. They were interested in the overstocks. Two of them were flea market vendors. One was a power seller on Ebay. The total of all my sales was fourteen thousand for the overstock and customer returns electronics. I made a profit of six thousand dollars. Ten days passed and all the merchandise was sold. I kept a laptop and a 42 inch plasma t.v. for my self

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wholesale Electronics Sources and wholesale Lists

Wholesale and liquidation sourcing for wholesale electronics takes time to develop good liquidation contacts. A liquidator is much different than the mass ammount of reptiles that want to buy ipods and gaming consoles with the click of a mouse for 29% of wholesale. They think their is that magic secret source. What these people dont understand their is no easy way to make money!
Markets are markets. A market price is generated by the law of supply and demand. Liquidation lots are different than wholesale lots. Liquidators Know this from experience. To get a good wholesale lists or wholesale sources takes time. You must be able to trust your sources when buying a wholesale lot of electronics. For ebayers who want to have a home based business a real wholesale lists of verified wholesalers is necessary.
I have a few friends that sell on ebay. they are power sellers. They occasionally buy liquidation merchandise from me. Both of them are members of sales ho. A paid membership website that has a three tiered rateing for wholesalers and wholesale products. Sales ho also gives great advice for Ebayers on every aspect of selling on ebay. My froiends evan now use sales ho daily for sourcing new products and learn more about making more money with online auctions.Click Here!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Closeouts A Surplus Truckload of Childrens Apparel from Wal-Mart

Closeouts a truckload of children's apparel that I bought was eighteen pallets of assorted fall fashions. The variety was very good on the closeout merchandise. I have about seven customers that I sell children's apparel to. They are three store owners family discount clothing is their main line. One customer that has a store in Mexico.Three apparel dealers that sell at local flea markets.
I called up my customers and emailed each of the customers a manifests of the closeout children's apparel from Wall-mart. I sold all of the pallets of closeout clothing before the truck arrived. I paid twelve thousand for the truckload of closeout children's apparel. I sold the pallets of clothing for$1000 each. I made a profit of $6000 in three days That is how long it took for me to separate the pallets for pick up by my customers.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

overstocks Watches Jewlery and Tools from Target department store 2 Truckloads 56 Pallets

Two truckloads of overstock liquidation merchandise from target. These two truckloads of surplus liquidation inventory were a good investment. Their were fifty-six pallets on the surplus liquidation truckload. The pallets had overstock merchandise. These truckloads were not salvage merchandise. I paid $48,000 for the two truckloads of overstocks.
The overstock merchandise pallets were:
4 pallets of watches. These were mostly $10 and $20 watches Their was one pallet with $50-$150 dollar watches.
4 Pallets of jewelry with sunglasses .
5 pallets of jewelry boxes.
43 Pallets of tools. Hand tools ,cordless tool sets,electric tools
The pallets of tools i sold to five different customers for a total $58,000
the pallets of watches were sold to 4 customers for a toptal of $23000
the pallets of jewelry were sold to 1 customer for a tatal of $6.000
the 4 pallets of hjewelry boxes were sold to 1 customer for $2000
Total $89,000
I Paid - $48,000
Profit= $41,000
Good liquidating

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Liquidation of furniture Fifteen truckloads

I still have four truckloads of levitz furniture liquidation to go. I have been selling a lot of liquidation furniture the last six weeks. I have been working sixteen hour days. It has been furniture liquidation heaven Thank You levitz for going out of business. One mans failure is another mans success. I get happy at the thought of bankruptcy court. A federal order to liquidate assests. I qam a luckjy pallet full of trucloads of liquidation furniture.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bulk Apprel Surplus Consumer Electronics from Wal-Mart

22 Pallets of surplus electronics from Wal-Mart were just shipped to El Salvador from my warehouse. The pallets of closeout consumer electronics are going to make my customer very happy. When the shipment arrives next week he will be thanking me. This load of electronics from wal-mart were not salvage . Thiese pallets of consumer electronics are classified as discontinued. The merchandise is just last years models. This product is actually only six months old. The electronics were considered new in thanksgiving of 2007. The load of consumer has a pallet of 5 and six megapixel digital cameras, Technology is moving so fast yhay in six months electronics are outdated.
II shipped two pallets of bulk ap[parel with the closeout overstock consumer electronics. That filled up the shipping container. I paid $32,000 nfor the liquidation pallets that filled up the container. My customer paid me forty-eight tuousand for all the pallets. He will double his investment . He will finish this load in about four months. This is a win win transaction.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Think Air Conditioning Now for Summer Profits

Just found two truckloads of last years closeout liquidation air conditioners. Get This $18.00 each!! These are not those little 5000 B.T.U. units. They are the portable 10,000 B.T.U. retail for $400 - $600 each. The last two days have been hot in Southern California. I have fifty-nine pallets of these surplus closeout air conditioners. Their ten units per pallet. I contacted a buyer of mine from Mexico City. He wants twenty-three pallets of these bulk surplus closeout A.C.'s. I gave him a price of twelve hundred per pallet. Double my investment and still have more than half the closeout surplus units. If you can find surplus close-out air conditioners BUY BUY BUY!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

overstock wholesale truckloads of Department store: Department store returns! caution!!

overstock wholesale truckloads of Department store: Department store returns! caution!! Buying bulk goods is tricky
This is a good point caution when buying wholesale closeout bulk goods. You can lose a lot of money buying salvage

wholesale closeout liquidation merchandise: salvage truckloads of electronics from best buy department store

wholesale closeout liquidation merchandise: salvage truckloads of electronics from best buy department store
This is bulk merchandise buying at the lowest closeout distributor rates

Bulk Goods , Surplus, Salvage and Closeouts from Costco

I just finished twenty - six pallets of bulk goods from costco. This surplus liquidation truckload of wholesale warehouse general merchandise was a nice investment. I paid twenty-seven percent of wholesale cost for this truckload of bulk goods from Costco.
The pallets of surplus bulk goods were returns. This is the cleanest returns I have ever bought. I was allways scared of the costco truckloads of returns because of the high percentage of cost. The bulk goods pallets had a great variety of name brand merchandise. The only item that had a problem was a plasma T.V. This item only needed a power cable.
I sold the pallets of salvage liquidation bulk goods to three different buyers. The total for all the pallets of bulk goods from costco was $12,460.
I paid $8,460. All sales were cash. All pallets were sold in three days. $4,000 profit in three days I think I will buy more Costco truckloads of surplus bulk goods.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

overstock wholesale truckloads of Department store: liquidation pallets of domestics from Target surplus and closeouts

overstock wholesale truckloads of Department store: liquidation pallets of domestics from Target surplus and closeouts

liquidation pallets of domestics from Target surplus and closeouts

Yesterday I greeted the truckload of domestics from Target. A small load of seven pallets. These were surplus close-outs of sheets,conforters,pillows memory foam pillows and mattress toppers.There were a couple pallets of bathroom. Nice towels ,wash cloths and toilet seat covers. The condition of the domestics was new. These were discontinued merchandise. This is the real meaning of close-outs.
The pallets of domestics were easy to sell. I had two customers come down to my warehouse. I scheduled them ten minutes apart. Both of these customers are aggressive . They allways try to beat me down in price.
My luck they both showed at the same time to look at the pallets of surplus liquidation domestics from Target. It was like a mini auction. They were fighting over who was goingh to get what. I paid $2,300 for the seven pallets of domestics. I forced one or the other to pay $520 per pallet and they had to pay cash now. They were fighting to give me four thousand dollars. So I made them flip a coin to see who would have the privalage of giveing me their money

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

electronics wholesale liquidation of pallets from wal-mart

RECENTLY BOUGHT 6 PALLETS OF WHOLESALE liquidation electronics from wal-mart. These pallets of electronics surplus was a good investment. These pallets had digital cameras,L.C.D. televisions,GPS systems Mp3 ,Mp4 players and complete gaming systems. I paid $5,800 for the six pallets of surplus electronics from wal-mart. I sold the merchandise in 18 days. The total from the pallets of liquidation electronics was 12,550 . More than doubling my $5,800 original investment.

Monday, December 31, 2007

overstocks a good truckload at below wholesale makes for a prosperous new year

Now is the time to buy those truckloads of good Christmas hardgoods. I am talking about a wholesale truckload of inflatable snow globes santa clauses and the rest of the large overstocks and close-outs that are avalable from large retail chains.
This is an excellent investment. You buy a truckload of this closeout inventory . Store yhe closeout product for 10 months and triple your money. This is the easiest way to make money in this risky business of purchasing liquidation merchandise. This wholesale opportunity happens every year. This ia tyhe true meaning of closeout truckloads for profit

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas overstocks and shelf -pulls surplus distributors have it all

Just thinking about buying a truckload of overstocks from Macy,s. This is the pertfect time to buy overstocks from a reputabile wholesale diostributor of liquidation merchandise.
I really want some pallets of macys overstocks. I usually double my money when purchaseing truckloads of macys liquidation and surplus product. It is good top know your source when buying from a wholesale distributor of overstocks.
My experience is good when i get that macys clothing overstocks. I like walmart pallets of overstock electronics. The pallets of liquidation electronics are nice if they have a lot of digital cameras.
Can make a lot of money on 2 or 3 pal;lets of surplus overtsock elecxtronics. Just buy from your favorite wholesale overstock distributor.

Friday, November 16, 2007

overstock wholesale truckloads of Department store: macy's good closeouts for clothing

overstock wholesale truckloads of Department store: macy's good closeouts for clothing

Wholesale overstock toys by the pallet

It is that time of year to buy toys. Need to get at least 3 pallets of wholesale or overstock toys. This time of year is great . If I get the liquidation pallets at the right price i usually will triple my money. Got to be careful this year. Their is a large quantity of recalled product. Our Santas chinese elves seem to like lead in their paint. Liquidation toys are profitable this time of year Just watch out for the lead. Know who you are buying from.
The pallets might be advertised as returns but are actually recalls. Purchaseing a couple of pallets thinking you are getting a good price and you have to through it away. Ba hambug

Saturday, November 10, 2007

sources of liquidation product

good to know sources for liquidation overstock merchandise. this web site has a forum that i found useful when purchaseing truckloads of department store merchandise. This is a forum that has all the information you need to purchase pallets or truckloads of salvage, overstocks from department stores Obtain your own contracts to buy liquidation ,surplus truckloads from department stores. This will cut out the middle man and save you money on buying surplus liquidation merchandise.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

macy's good closeouts for clothing

/Macys , Bloomingdales , Robinsons - May have great loads of liquidation inventory.Yopu can buy returns ,overstock, and shelf pulls. This merchandise sells it self. You must de label most of the apperal. It is well worth the small ammount of effort it takes
manifests are good

Today we buy general merchandise wholesale returns

This fred meyers general merchandise is a truckload of returns. This is the best truckload of below wholesale liquidation product i ever bought. Gaylordds fill the trailer double stacked. This general merchandise load has housewares,small appliances,toys,electronics HBA everything. 52 pallets all gaylords.
I paid only $8,500 for the whole load. Sold 15 pallets for $400 each.Tommorow a different guy wants 20 pallets for $350. Got to lovew this fred meyers general merchandise returns. This is the easy money. The merchandise is fresh . Some of the product needs some repair. Very little maybe 1% is trash. Their is no manifest . I was worried when I purchased the truckload. More than 50 pallets of department store returns unmanifested could be a costly mistake. I am glad I took the chance. I am going to purchase a fred meyers load every month. This is the best value i have seen in buying liquidation merchandise .

Today we buy general merchandise wholesale returns

This fred meyers general merchandise

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Department store returns! caution!!

Department store returns at below wholesale cost. Pallets and truckloads are avalable from many distribution points Liquidation merchandise comes in many classifications.. You can buy overstocks in Georgia. Depar4tment stores have return centers in Ohio. Return centers distribute the closeouts,overstocks and returns to salvage companies.
Department store returns can have problems. This product is much different than overstocks and closeouts.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Truckloads of overstocks from Sears

Just bought two TRUCKLOADS of OVERSTOCKS. The TRUCKLOAD was Sears merchandise. Doubled my money on this truckload of department store OVERSTOCKS.
When the truckload arrived I was happy. It was just like christmas.Every pallet was full of wonderful Overstock merchandise from sears. Just sold the last two pallets of Sears overstocks today.
I doubled my money. I ordered a truckload of Macy's closeouts. I hope I double my money on The truckload of Closeouts.